• RoboCrypt

    softpedia-clean-2013RoboCrypt is an encrypted data backup application for Windows, combining the functionality of freely available utilities to backup data.

    The application uses TrueCrypt, freely available at www.truecrypt.org to create and utilize encrypted backup files and/or volumes.  The application also uses the available utilities from Microsoft (Robocopy, VShadow, and PowerShell) to allow you to backup data and optionally use Microsoft Volume Shadow Services for snapshot backups and PowerShell to send notification emails upon backup completion.

    This program has been designed to work with Windows XP/Server 2003/Vista/7/8.x/Server 2008.  A help file in PDF format is included to give more details on how the program works.

    See a summary feature list below the screenshot.

    You can download version 2.0 here.

    It is recommended that you update the PRUpdate.exe online update component manually by downloading it from here and copying it to your RoboCrypt application folder (replacing the older copy).  The updated file is included in the 1.2/1.5/2.0 installation as well.  You should have PRUpdate version 2.5 to properly update the RoboCrypt installation.

    ALSO please note that v1.5/2.0 adds enhanced encryption of saved usernames and passwords.  When you upgrade to v1.5/2.0 your saved passwords and usernames for TrueCrypt and email notifications will be removed and will need to be added again.  PLEASE make sure that you know this information before upgrading.

    Changes/Fixes in version 2.0 : If TrueCrypt files that have been previously saved in RoboCrypt are re-saved, the file’s GUID will now be saved which can help with backups when a backup destination device changes assigned drive letters.  Data verification is now possible using CRC32, MD5, and SHA-1 methods.  A new utility called the RC Hash Tool has been added so that source and backup files can be verified manually if needed.  The overall RoboCrypt application can now be password protected so that someone cannot open the program and view other saved usernames and passwords.  Other bug fixes as well.  Please see the Changelog and Help file for a complete list of new features and fixes.

    Changes/Fixes in version 1.5 : Many bug fixes, some of them critical dealing with VSS backups, data set file/folder exclusions, etc.  Windows 8.1 support, pre and post-process execution functionality, manual file/date modification, forced TrueCrypt volume dismounting before backups, email summary attachment size limit and server timeout values, better encryption for saved usernames and passwords, and multiple recipients for backup summary emails added.  Please see the Changelog.pdf file for further information.



    Below are some key features with RoboCrypt :

    • Uses TrueCrypt to create an encrypted file or volume backup destination
    • Uses Microsoft Robocopy with user control over the major data copy functions to backup data
    • Uses Microsoft VShadow to create Volume Shadow Services snapshots of data to allow for backup of open files (ie. servers)
    • Uses Microsoft PowerShell to create summary emails that can be sent to notify a system administrator of a completed backup
    • RoboCrypt can check current data size vs projected data backup size to warn users of data overflow to the encrypted destination
    • Right-clicking on a folder in Windows Explorer can allow a user to use the RoboCrypt One-Time Backup feature to backup data to a currently defined data set.  This is for a quick backup of critical data if there is not enough time for a full backup
    • Encryption of saved TrueCrypt passwords and email account username/passwords
    • File date/time modification functionality will allow the user to define files that should have the dates and times modified to the current date/time to force the file to be backed up with Robocopy
    • Ability to run a pre-process or post-process around the data backup
    • Ability to verify backed up data using CRC32, MD5, or SHA-1 methods
    • Windows Task Scheduler can be used to schedule an automated backup of a system daily, weekly, etc.
    • Command-line options allow custom icons to be created for automated backups with RoboCrypt.  Command-line options are explained in the included help file.
    • Multiple language support included by copying and modifying the included English.rlf file (standard text file)


    Download previous v1.5 here.

  • MSKeyViewer Plus

    Softpedia-CleanAwardA program created to view program installation keys, service pack levels, and product IDs along with detecting many other non-licensed program versions.  Works for most versions of Microsoft Windows, Office, Exchange, SQL Server, Norton AntiVirus 2004-2007, and more!  A complete list of supported programs is included in the About window of the program.


    You can download version 2.5.0 here.

     (Includes : Czech/Danish/Dutch/English/French/German/Greek/Hebrew/Hungarian/Italian/Korean/Romanian/Serbian/Spanish/Traditional Chinese/Turkish Translations)

     Fixes in version 2.5.0 :  Exporting keys to a CSV will now store the computer name in the file for easier recognition. Rewrote detection code to work on Windows Server 2008/2012.  Updated SQL Server key detections, removed older version detections for obsolete software.  Added version detection for Box, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, Notepad++, Libre Office, and Cisco AnyConnect.

    Fixes in version 2.3.5 :  Office 2013 (32/64) detection fix.  Support for Office 2010 SP2, AVG Free 2014, Microsoft Windows Defender for Windows 8.x, Adobe Flash Player (ActiveX and Plug-in installations).  Fix for Foxit PDF Reader detection.

    Fixes in version 2.3.0 :  Office 2013 (32/64) detection fixes.  It seems that Microsoft has changed the key storage model for Office 2013 to resemble the same method as a volume license key with Windows 7/8.  MSKVP should be able to extract the last 5-digits of an installation key but not a full installation key as in the past.  Additional fixes : command-line fixes, GetRight key detection, KeePass, Acronis True Image (version only), VLC Media Player, Dropbox, Cisco IP Communicator, Cisco Jabber, and Juniper Networks Junos Pulse version detection.



    To use the full functionality, please unzip all contents to the same directory.  If you only want the English translation and no options, you can use the MSKeyViewerPlus.exe file to run on its own.

    NOTE: The .mlf files included are standard text files which can be opened using a text editor such as Notepad.  If you would like to add a translation for your native language, simply copy the English.mlf file to something else (ie. Espanol.mlf), translate the text to the right of every ‘=’ symbol, and save the file.  Also, please add your name and email address at the top of the file if you would like credit for it in the About window.  Once complete, restart the key viewer and your language should appear in the Options list.  Please make sure that your language file is located in the same directory as the other language files.

    If you have developed a language file for this utility, please send it to me at ‘t k s h e r r e r @ i n a m e . c o m’ so that it can be included in future releases and others can benefit from the work!


    Command-Line Switches

    • -connect – Connects to a remote Windows registry
    • -output – Outputs to .txt or .csv file
    • -keysonly – Exports only items with installation keys (Affects output and general loading of non-key versions.)
    • -nowarnings – With this used, no Windows warnings will appear. If a file is open, an error is written to the file.

    Command-Line Examples

    C:\>mskeyviewerplus -connect \\fileserver
    –Opens MSKeyViewer Plus with the remote registry for the computer ‘FileServer’.

    C:\>mskeyviewerplus -connect \\fileserver -output c:\temp\fskeys.txt
    –Runs MSKeyViewer Plus silently with the remote registry for the computer ‘FileServer’ and writes the output to the file fskeys.txt.

    C:\>mskeyviewerplus -connect \\fileserver -output c:\temp\fskeys.csv -keysonly
    –Runs MSKeyViewer Plus silently with the remote registry for the computer ‘FileServer’ and writes the output to the file fskeys.csv with only licensed software listed.

    C:\>mskeyviewerplus -connect \\fileserver -output c:\temp\fskeys.txt -keysonly -nowarnings

    Remote Registry Access Notes


    • You must be connected to a remote machine with Administrator access to gather information from the registry.
    • Remote registry access uses NetBIOS network traffic which may be blocked by local or network firewalls.
    • For a Windows XP Workstation that is not joined to a domain, you must turn off ‘Simple File Sharing’.
    • Windows Vista may not have the ‘Remote Registry’ service started by default. This service must be running.
    • MSKVP is limited to gathering information only from HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE at this time for remote access. Programs that store data in HKEY_CURRENT_USERS will not be shown in MSKVP when connecting to a remote registry. These programs include: Eudora, Second Copy 7, Opera, PC Tools Anti-Virus, TrueCrypt, and possibly Spybot Search & Destroy



    ** – With the installation of Registry Mechanic v6.0.0.780, the installation key is no longer available as a different, encrypted method has been used.  For those who upgrade from an older version, you may still be able to see your key.  For those with fresh installations of this new version and onwards,  the key may not be shown.


    Download the previous version (v2.3.0) here.
    Download the previous version (v2.3.5) here.

  • IPConfig Manager

    Softpedia-CleanAwardIPConfig Manager was created to give users a graphical representation of the DOS command ‘IPConfig’.  Most of the command-line features of IPConfig are found in this utility.  The program will display a list of all available network connections and allow you to manipulate them if you have the proper permissions to do so.

    This program has been designed to work with Windows 98/Me/2000/XP/Server 2003/Vista/7//8/Server 2008.  Please note that UAC (User Access Control) restrictions with Windows Vista may prevent this program from running correctly.  A help file is included to give more details on how the program works.


    You can download version 1.5 here.


  • Outlook Extras

    Softpedia-CleanAwardThis utility will allow you view and change some of the default actions of Microsoft Outlook to allow you to change file locations of .pst/.ost and attachment files, allow blocked attachment extensions, change Exchange settings, etc.

    This program is designed to work with Outlook 2000, 2002 (XP), 2003, 2007, 2010, and 2013.  Simply unzip the file and run the executable.



    You can download version 2.5 here.

    Changes/fixes in version 2.5 :  Added Office 2013 (32/64-bit) compatibility, fixed overall compatibility with 64-bit Windows versions, added ability to view Outlook Add-In status, other minor bug fixes.



    Softpedia-CleanAwardHHK2HTML is a simple utility to extract index links from a Windows-compiled help index file to a standard HTML file.  The file extension of the compiled index file will be .hhk.  This file contains an XML-like structure that can be read using a standard text editor.  HHK2HTML scans these files and creates an HTML index based on the entries it finds.  Created for Mac users who cannot access .chm compiled help files.

    To use this utility, locate the .hhk file, specify an output filename and location, enter a title for your HTML document, then click the ‘Extract HTML’ button.  You can manually modify any HTML entries you see.  Once complete, click the ‘Save HTML to File’ button, and your new index file will be created.


    You can download version 1.0 here.


  • BADb

    BADb (aka ‘Bad Bee’, aka Birthday/Anniversary Database) is a project of mine that has evolved out of another project to help to track birthdays and anniversaries for friends and family.  This program will help you to store names along with spouse names,  birthdates, and anniversary dates and also allow you to store email addresses to send an email to those who have a birthday or anniversary.

    This program will run in the Windows Taskbar and it will notify you by color-coding dates if there is a birthday or anniversary on the current date.  A list of these dates for the current month is shown so that you can plan ahead to celebrate these events.

    You can export/import your database to an Excel-based .csv file.  A help file is provided to explain the features included with this program.

    You can download version 1.1 here.


  • PRUpdate

    PRUpdate is a project designed for program developers to add the functionality to your program of updating files online.  This program will do the work for you with a little setup of some configuration files and you only need to make a call to it from within your own program to launch an online updating utility.  A help file with an example is provided in this download to get you started.

    You can download version 2.7 here.

    Changes in v2.7 : Added server side option to prevent a message from appearing if there is no update available.

    Changes in v2.6 : Added ability for PRUpdate to either gracefully or forcefully shut down a process that needs to be updated before updating continues.  This feature will not work for items such as PDF or HTML help files as the loading application is not determined, but for main application executables, the processes can be closed to ensure that the updates are processed correctly.  Right-clicking in the update file list will present ‘Select/Unselect All’ menu choices.  A PRUWizard utility has been added to provide a graphical method for creating or modifying local or remote INI files for file updating.  MD5 hashes can be calculated automatically using this wizard.


    Download previous version v2.6
    Download previous version v2.5 here.