PRUpdate is a project designed for program developers to add the functionality to your program of updating files online.  This program will do the work for you with a little setup of some configuration files and you only need to make a call to it from within your own program to launch an online updating utility.  A help file with an example is provided in this download to get you started.

You can download version 2.7 here.

Changes in v2.7 : Added server side option to prevent a message from appearing if there is no update available.

Changes in v2.6 : Added ability for PRUpdate to either gracefully or forcefully shut down a process that needs to be updated before updating continues.  This feature will not work for items such as PDF or HTML help files as the loading application is not determined, but for main application executables, the processes can be closed to ensure that the updates are processed correctly.  Right-clicking in the update file list will present ‘Select/Unselect All’ menu choices.  A PRUWizard utility has been added to provide a graphical method for creating or modifying local or remote INI files for file updating.  MD5 hashes can be calculated automatically using this wizard.


Download previous version v2.6
Download previous version v2.5 here.