softpedia-clean-2013RoboCrypt is an encrypted data backup application for Windows, combining the functionality of freely available utilities to backup data.

The application uses TrueCrypt, freely available at to create and utilize encrypted backup files and/or volumes.  The application also uses the available utilities from Microsoft (Robocopy, VShadow, and PowerShell) to allow you to backup data and optionally use Microsoft Volume Shadow Services for snapshot backups and PowerShell to send notification emails upon backup completion.

This program has been designed to work with Windows XP/Server 2003/Vista/7/8.x/Server 2008.  A help file in PDF format is included to give more details on how the program works.

See a summary feature list below the screenshot.

You can download version 2.0 here.

It is recommended that you update the PRUpdate.exe online update component manually by downloading it from here and copying it to your RoboCrypt application folder (replacing the older copy).  The updated file is included in the 1.2/1.5/2.0 installation as well.  You should have PRUpdate version 2.5 to properly update the RoboCrypt installation.

ALSO please note that v1.5/2.0 adds enhanced encryption of saved usernames and passwords.  When you upgrade to v1.5/2.0 your saved passwords and usernames for TrueCrypt and email notifications will be removed and will need to be added again.  PLEASE make sure that you know this information before upgrading.

Changes/Fixes in version 2.0 : If TrueCrypt files that have been previously saved in RoboCrypt are re-saved, the file’s GUID will now be saved which can help with backups when a backup destination device changes assigned drive letters.  Data verification is now possible using CRC32, MD5, and SHA-1 methods.  A new utility called the RC Hash Tool has been added so that source and backup files can be verified manually if needed.  The overall RoboCrypt application can now be password protected so that someone cannot open the program and view other saved usernames and passwords.  Other bug fixes as well.  Please see the Changelog and Help file for a complete list of new features and fixes.

Changes/Fixes in version 1.5 : Many bug fixes, some of them critical dealing with VSS backups, data set file/folder exclusions, etc.  Windows 8.1 support, pre and post-process execution functionality, manual file/date modification, forced TrueCrypt volume dismounting before backups, email summary attachment size limit and server timeout values, better encryption for saved usernames and passwords, and multiple recipients for backup summary emails added.  Please see the Changelog.pdf file for further information.



Below are some key features with RoboCrypt :

  • Uses TrueCrypt to create an encrypted file or volume backup destination
  • Uses Microsoft Robocopy with user control over the major data copy functions to backup data
  • Uses Microsoft VShadow to create Volume Shadow Services snapshots of data to allow for backup of open files (ie. servers)
  • Uses Microsoft PowerShell to create summary emails that can be sent to notify a system administrator of a completed backup
  • RoboCrypt can check current data size vs projected data backup size to warn users of data overflow to the encrypted destination
  • Right-clicking on a folder in Windows Explorer can allow a user to use the RoboCrypt One-Time Backup feature to backup data to a currently defined data set.  This is for a quick backup of critical data if there is not enough time for a full backup
  • Encryption of saved TrueCrypt passwords and email account username/passwords
  • File date/time modification functionality will allow the user to define files that should have the dates and times modified to the current date/time to force the file to be backed up with Robocopy
  • Ability to run a pre-process or post-process around the data backup
  • Ability to verify backed up data using CRC32, MD5, or SHA-1 methods
  • Windows Task Scheduler can be used to schedule an automated backup of a system daily, weekly, etc.
  • Command-line options allow custom icons to be created for automated backups with RoboCrypt.  Command-line options are explained in the included help file.
  • Multiple language support included by copying and modifying the included English.rlf file (standard text file)


Download previous v1.5 here.